Appeal for A series of films on Uranium mining legacy in South West of USA

Dear Sir / Madam

Sub:- Appeal to support for a series of films on Uranium mining legacy in South West of USA

I am Shriprakash, an activist and film maker, working on health and environment issues around uranium mines for more than two decades. I am also part of organization- JOAR (Jharkhandi Organization Against Radiation, Nuclear Free Future Award -2004) which is working around Uranium mines in Jadugoda (India).  I have done a series of films and videos on the issues (Buddha Weeps In Jadugoda 1999, is one of them).

In 2006 we were invited to participate in Indigenous World Uranium Submit in Window Rock- USA.   It was a very rich experience. As this area had uranium mining for many decades and there is a legislation which provides compensation for the workers of the uranium mining industry.

It took five years to revisit to South West of USA in 2011 to understand and document the experience of Uranium legacies.This project was supported by many organizations and individuals. (Tagaki Foundation, Tokyo, Dr. Mohan Bhagat- Maryland University,  different chapter  of ‘Association of India Development’- USA, Senator  Scott Ludlum- Australia )

We took almost 35 interviews in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado area. Most importantly we were able to record the experience of important Navajo, Acoma and Laguna people, who were either linked with the uranium industry or working for this issues, having rich knowledge and experience on the subject.

Apart from documentation of important sites, we are able to record some very important meetings of community and official of Environmental Protection Agency /Environment Department /Committee for Economic Development. We also recorded interviews of respected and renowned experts and activists like Dr. Doug Brugge, Chris Chuey, Paul Robinson, Manny Pino, Phil Harrison, Leona Morgan, Arjun Makhijani and others.

Our documentation is trying to understand the various dimensions of uranium mining impacts in the area where mining has stopped almost 30-40 years ago. There is no consensus among modernity and modern science about the effects of Uranium mining on ecology and humans, as new facts are still awaited to be discovered. Sadly, most of the uranium mining happened in indigenous people’s land. Our project is an attempt to understand the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous communities who are living with nature in harmony.

We are working on a series of video films on these complicated issues which we were able to document during our visit.  The project has become massive and a lot of compiling and editing work has been done to reach at rough edit of the first film of the series. We are intending to make a series of films with this documentation.

We are running short of resources and want to appeal for support for this project. I am appealing to concern individuals, groups and organization to support our project.