Baha – Nagpuri Feature Film


This is the story of a tribal boy who wants to become a singer, in the capital city of a poor and tribal dominated province in India, whose parents want him to be an officer. It is his journey to become a singer in a town where audio tape technology is the only available medium of expression in these communities. In the age of a market economy, the film tells his personal journey, love, betrayal and also showcases the musical tradition and caste system in this new economical system.

  • Special filmmaker award in XXIV.Black International Cinema- Berlin /Germany & U.S.A.-2009
  • Best Film and Best Director awards in First Santhali and Regional Language film festival – Tatanagar- 2010
  • Emerging Cinemas (Film Festival)
    August 8-12, 2011, New delhi- Organised by IAWRT (International Association for Women in Radio and Television)

Cast – Pradyuman Nayak, Yogendra Choubey, Usha Mishra, Bobby, Sheetal Bage, Ashok Pagal, Raj Kumar Nagbansi, Mahadev Toppo, Rana benarjee, Shubhra Majumdar, Remish Kandulan

Music- Bhushan Mundu, Tej Mundu
lyrics – Mukund Nayak, Nandlal Nayak
singer – Mahabir nayak, Nandlal nayak, Monika Mundu, Sarita, Raju, Yashoda  devi, Budhram Nayak
Audio graphy – Santosh kumar
Camera- Rajib sharma
Editor – Pranjul kasyap