Buddha weeps in Jadugoda


Ragi Kana Ko Bonga Buru (Buddha weeps in Jadugoda)-1999*
(52  minutes)

Jadugoda is India’s only productive uranium mine. Almost 30 years of mining
have resulted in excessive radiation and contamination of water, land and
air. The film is an attempt to record how the lives of the people of
Jadugoda have been turned into a veritable hell.

*Screened   at:*
*Hong Kong Film Festival, 2000*
*Munbai International Film Festival , 2000*
*Earth-Vision International Film Festival, Tokyo, 2000 (Grand Prize)*
*Vermont Film Festival, USA, 2001*
*Thunder Birds Film Festival, USA, 2001 (Best Film Award)*
*Film South Asia-Kathmandu, 1999 (Third Best Film Award)*
*Earth-Vision Environmental Film Festival, CA, USA, 2002 (Second Best Film
*International Film Festival, Istanbul, 2001*
*United Nations Association Film Festival, USA, 2000*
*Broadcast by NHK-Japan and Free Speech TV, USA*