Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda

  • 1999; Hindi-Santhali with English subtitles; (52 minutes)

Almost 30 years of mining have resulted in excessive radiation and contamination of water, land andair. The film is an attempt to record how the lives of the people of Jadugoda have been affected due to indiscriminate mining without following basic safety rules (The film has been broadcast on Japan’s public channel NHK and on Free Speech TV in the US)

Screenings and Film Awards

  • Hong Kong Film Festival, 2000
  • Mumbai International Film Festival, 2000
  • Earth-Vision International Film Festival, Tokyo, 2000 (Grand Prize)
    Vermont Film Festival, USA, 2001
  • Thunder Bird Film Festival, USA, 2001 (Best Film Award)
  • Film South Asia-Kathmandu, 1999 (Third Best Film Award)
  • Earth-Vision Environmental Film Festival, CA, USA, 2002 (Runner-up)
  • International Film Festival, Istanbul, 2001
  • United Nations Association Film Festival, USA, 2000
Jadugoda The Black Magic
  • 2007; Hindi with English sub-titles (10 minutes)

The film is a gruesome reminder of the health status of the victims of the villages around the uranium mines of Jadugoda. Based on the study conducted by Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) – 2007.

Gere dan (pronounced Guerédan)
  • (pronounced ” Guerédan”. The film title is translated as ‘Pour le combat suprême’, ‘For The Supreme Fight’), 2014; Jalonke language of Mali, Western Africa.; French with English sub-titles (50 minutes)

Africa has a prolonged history of uranium mining due to its colonial legacy. Today the uranium industry claims to instead provide jobs for the poorest people on earth. But is this the truth?
This documentary dives into the perspective of the tiny village Falea in Mali, which has a substantial uranium concentration in the ground.


Arhamuna- ارحمونا (Have mercy on us)-अरहमुना

It was 2014, Our film was part of International Uranium Film Festival, Amman. Soon after organizer realized that festival in Amman may not be possible or organizing this event is not an easy task. After many months of debate, discussion and confusion, festival dates were announced… Festival had some screening in west bank in Palestine, unfortunately, a minister was killed around that dates. And screening in West bank was canceled…

But before the festival, we had film screening in a village (where govt have plan to mine uranium) near Amman. So we went there…

And this video is about our short visit of Jordan


Congo: The blood in our veins

Uranium Symposium Quebec, Canada. 2015
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Archives from Jadugoda
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