Current projects

In July 2011, Shriprakash revisited south west of USA in search of his answers. This region has had a long history of uranium mining. He along with his comrades from JOAR were part of the delegation of World Indigenous Uranium Submit 2006 at Window Rock, Arizona.It took him 5 years to gather resources to be able to work on this issue.

With the support of Dr. Satindar Bhagat (Maryland), Senator Scott Ludlam (Australia) as well as the different chapters of AID & the Takagi Foundation and along with Tejaswini Madabhushi, and with the support of Native community , friends in South west,  he could successfully complete the documentation of the project but editing this huge documentary now is a mammoth’s work. Although the pre editing is already over, the final edit has been put on hold because of lack of resources.

  • ‘Gere Dan’- After the English version, the French version of the film for the people in Sub Saharan regions of Africa is in the pipeline.



  • Meanwhile he is also working on the script for his next fiction film that castle around a rural girl in an urban world. His first one, Baha is based on the struggle of a tribal boy in the Nagpuri music industry.



  • There is a hundreds of VHS cassettes which was the result of documentation of last decade of social, cultural, political events of Jharkhand, they are priceless but they are in worse condition. There is an immediate need to transfer them in to better format so that they will be safe for future.
  • Documentations of musical culture of Jharkhand, Tea gardens of North Bengal and Assam which is cultural link between migrants from Jharkhand to other states like West Bengal, Assam, Andaman.
  • Documentation to make a film on Com. Mahendra Singh who has been killed in 2004.