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His Documentary film “Buru Garra” received the National Award , which was also the first for Jharkhand State. His films have received more than a dozen national and international awards

One of the Biggest Nuclear Accident in US history

On July 16, 1979, the Uranium Tailing Dam at Church Rock, New Mexico, burst sending eleven hundred tons of radioactive mill wastes and ninety million gallons of contaminated liquid pouring toward Arizona.

We have made a film which deals with uranium legacies issues of Southwest of USA in great length- Nabikei 2018, we are giving access to that film free for one week starting 14th July.

We witnessed the Uranium Legacy Remebrance and Action day event in Arizona, USA in 2011

The missing link of HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI the Footprint of shinkolobwe’s radioactivity around the World

Two Indians Poster

Appeal to All

I need your help in bringing to life “Two Indians,” a film that tells the compelling story of the people affected by uranium mining and its lasting legacies in the Southwest of America. With the United States being at the forefront of setting comprehensive standards for reclamation, environmental protection, health, compensation, and worker rights in this industry, our film aims to delve deeper into the critical issues surrounding uranium mining and its enduring impacts.

Project Status:
Shooting: 75% Complete
Funding Needed: 25%
Shooting & Editing Costs Goal: Approx. INR 7 lakh or USD 8,500

You can help by donating on the following bank account or by visiting the donate link below:
Benificiary Name: Shriprakash
IFSC: ICIC0000175
Swift code – ICICINBBNRI
Account Number:  017501514728

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Shri refers to himself as The accidental filmmaker. As an activist the power of visual media compelled him to make films.


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